Introducing Hug-a-Bug World

Welcome to Hug-a-Bug World. We offer a supportive community where you will find all the information you need to help raise resilient children. Parents and carers need help too! 

With parents working hard and a lack of extended support, parenting can feel overwhelming at times. Many different responsibilities can affect family life and sometimes it leaves little time to think about the support you need. That is what we are here for.

At Hug-a-Bug World we like to mix things up to make sure you get what you need in the way it suits you best. We’ve created resources in diverse ways to support literacy through the traditional method of good old books. But we also know that there are many ways to get important messages across. We have created sensory toys to comfort your child, as well as, technology for you to tap into for quick hints and tips when you need support. The kind of help required to grow or maintain your ability to raise strong, independent, and resilient children is right here.

And we cannot emphasize enough the importance of spending quality time with children. Our resources help to make that time well spent. 

Hug-a-Bug World provides an experience for children and adults to share. It incorporates the elements needed for children to thrive. Our books provide everyday emotional scenarios for children aged 3 and upwards and our toys provide a sensory experience to emotionally support them. 

We want to encourage children to talk about their thoughts and share their feelings. We provide scenarios in our books that require them to solve problems that help them to discuss and understand feelings, which in turn helps to build their Emotional Intelligence (EI). With positive emotional experiences wrapped in meaning that is shared within a secure, sensitive, and positive environment, we can help children build the resilience needed to bounce back from life’s difficulties.

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