About Us

We created Hug-a-Bug World for children and adults to be as best prepared for the future as they can be.

The Team Behind Hug-a-Bug World

Like the Hug-a-Bug World characters, our team is a diverse group of people. Some of us have a background as counsellors and psychotherapists, others in art or the corporate world.

What unites us is that we are all parents and grandparents in the team. As a result, we know that just focusing a child is not enough: we’re here to make the parent or caregiver feel good about themselves too.

Meet the team

We created Hug-a-Bug World based on our own life experiences as caregivers, parents and counsellors. We’re driven by a shared desire to care for people and help them overcome challenges.

Julia Keys

My role…is to bring everything together in line with the values of Hug-a-Bug World. I provide the background and the theory; I have written the music and the songs, and…

Philip Rambech

I’m basically the person who… looks after the “Business of the Business”, crunching numbers and doing the storytelling to the investors – a very different type of storytelling. Striving for…

Stacey Wren

My role within Hug-a-Bug World… is both operational and creative. I’ve helped to shape several different aspects of the business. I have worked for myself for many years now, and…

Becca James

I’m responsible for… creating the original Hug-a-Bug-World characters. I’ve known Julia for 25 years and we’ve always spoken about working on a project together. When she approached me with her…

Kimm Connett

If I was to sum-up my role in Hug-a-Bug World… I’d say that I’ve been the person that’s put the people together and helped build a team. I’ve been involved…

Emotional Intelligence

We all develop emotional intelligence. Our aim is for children aged three and above to develop positive emotional intelligence. This is the age when the developing brain has the ability to absorb the required information.

We’ve therefore created stories inspired by day-to-day thoughts and challenges our own children have been faced with. By doing so, we tap into and focus on relevant subject matters that all young children experience everyday.

By reading these stories together and playing with the toys, children and adults can encourage each other to focus on their own self-worth in order to become the best they can be.

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