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Spending time with grandparents

For many of us, our families are our biggest support system. When we need someone to turn to, having a variety of strong familial bonds can aid our problem solving skills and increase our happiness. For young children these bonds are even more important and the bond between a grandchild and grandparent is an especially unique one.

A study completed in the US found that children who were reported to have stronger ties with their grandparents experienced fewer depressive symptoms as adolescents than those with weaker ties. There was a strong association between time spent with grandparents and increased prosocial behaviour. This was particularly the case when grandparents were actively involved in the child’s hobbies, interests and education.

Grandparents are a valuable asset in diversifying a child’s support system, providing rest-by care for parents and increasing confidence in emotional support and unconditional love. We
understand that because of busy lives and geographical distance it cannot always be possible for grandparents to spend as much time with their grandchildren as they would like to. A fun way to help your grandchild feel connected with you even when you cannot physically be there is through our affirmation hearts! Your grandchild can hold and squeeze these whenever they think of you, building a sense of closeness and connection. Each of our soft, colourful hearts has a unique message to build confidence and encourage emotional resilience.

With our affirmation hearts children can:

  1. Talk about the affirmation of the day with their loved grandparent. Whether it be on video call or in person, you can discuss times together when the affirmation has proved true!
  2. Squeeze the heart whenever they miss their grandparent. A squeeze is like a magical hug from afar! To make the heart extra special you could help your grandchild to spray it with some perfume so that the heart smells like you.
  3. Read a correlating affirmation book together! All of our characters at Hug A Bug World have a story to tell. As you guide your grandchild through the story, look out for the hidden hearts! Everytime you find a heart within the story you can encourage your grandchild to squeeze their correlating heart and say the affirmation together!

Spending time with grandparents as a young child is creating magical memories for life. Not only this, but grandparents who actively contribute to the family life of their grandchildren, either by providing care or spending time with them, report an enhanced sense of purpose and connection. Our books have been specially designed by parents and psychologists alike to aid emotional intelligence in young children. Building self-esteem through connection and reading together can be a fantastically furfulling activity – even if you are physically apart!

Help your grandchild to help themselves by encouraging and discovering the charm of self-confidence and connection! For our full range of books and individual affirmation hearts, please check out our online shop. Additionally, let us know via our social media if you used some of these techniques and how they went for you!

We hope you have a wonderful week!! The Hug A Bug Team
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Writer: Anna Baird

Spending time with grandparents



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