Stacey Wren
COO, Co-Author and in charge of Product Development and Production

My role within Hug-a-Bug World… is both operational and creative.  I’ve helped to shape several different aspects of the business. I have worked for myself for many years now, and it has taught me to be diligent, to work with the right people, and know the right questions to ask, so I’ve been able to apply all that to Hug-a-Bug World. I have historically been a numbers person but have found that I have a creative side.  I co-write our books, alongside Julia and I am also part of our super-talented creative team. 

When I left school… I went straight into investment banking, working for Merrill Lynch Investment Bank.  I then left the City to develop a property company, in the West End which I ran for ten years, before becoming a full-time mum when I had my first child.  Hug-a-Bug World is the most exciting project I have been involved in as I am so driven by making a positive difference to people’s lives.

My role as a mum… has primarily influenced everything I do with Hug-a-Bug World. I face the same everyday challenges as the parents and caregivers we’re aiming to reach and I can empathise with their thoughts and feelings. We are all parents in the team, but I am in the here and now, with the same social and environmental pressures of life. I definitely parent differently since learning all of the things we promote in Hug-a-Bug World and it has made for a much happier parent and child relationship.

A lot of the stories Julia and I write… come from the day-to-day thoughts and challenges my children or their peers are experiencing. This allows us to tap into, and focus on, the current subject matters that children are faced with, promoting those areas in our stories and advice. 

Our intention has always been… to help children and parents become the best they can be. It’s all about enhancing self-worth, building resilience from a young age, developing connections with nature, and providing children and parents with the tools they need to deal with life’s everyday challenges.