Philip Rambech

I’m basically the person who… looks after the “Business of the Business”, crunching numbers and doing the storytelling to the investors – a very different type of storytelling.

Striving for the holistic view of this important mission we are on, I do need to pose some difficult questions sometimes – “Is this right?”, “Is that the correct assumption?”

I worked in Singapore… as President of Ericsson Consumer AsiaPacific, before moving to England in 2001 to take on the role of MD for Sony Ericsson UK. I left the corporate world in 2007 and started working with start-ups and scale-ups in a range of industries, from Cyber Security to Consumer products. I like to think I bring a rounded approach to Hug-a-Bug World. 

I’ve got people very dear to me… whose lives have been hugely impacted by low self-esteem and some of the other things that we’re addressing with Hug-a-Bug World, so my driver here is that if I in my little way could help put in place a platform that could help just some children and adults out there, I would be very happy with that.

We know very clearly that… just working with a child is not enough, so we aim to help the parent or caregiver to feel good about themselves too. 

We want to… help the children of the UK and beyond develop strong emotional intelligence and be as best prepared for the future as they can be. If we can interject early and help child and parent to enhance their natural development in the areas Hug-a-Bug World is focusing on, we will have achieved a lot. 

For the first time ever… I have that warm, fuzzy feeling in business. While HBW is very much a commercial company, we’re proud of our purposeful mission.