Kimm Connett
Co-Founder and Head of Sales

If I was to sum-up my role in Hug-a-Bug World… I’d say that I’ve been the person that’s put the people together and helped build a team. I’ve been involved from day one.

For about 30 years… I was the Group Sales Director of the largest pre-press group in the world. We used to create and manufacture the ads for TV, magazines, posters, billboards, everything like that. I’ve been involved with the launches of some of the most significant brands and worked with some of the biggest blue-chip agencies in the UK and globally. 

I’ve always believed in being positive… and that what you must do is share that positivity.  If we can embrace that in a young child and promote positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts, that can only make the wellbeing of the child far better going forward in later life. 

We want to… instil positivity into young children to assist their progression into adulthood, and support parents and caregivers too. 

We’re not problem solvers… What we’re aiming to do is provide parents with guidance and help start children on their journey. We want everyone to feel good about what they’re doing.