Kim Skilling
Head of Parenting/Writer

A big part of my role within Hug-a-Bug World has been

developing ways to support parents and caregivers with children. I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access counselling resources and parenting information to support health and wellbeing in our society.

I began my career

30 years ago working with families for Social Service. I taught parenting skills and child development, intending to keep families together. I then trained to become a counsellor and supported Individuals, families, youth, and children at a deeper level emotionally. I continued with government agencies, schools, and private practice.

As a counsellor/psychotherapist/supervisor

I have worked with clients on all the areas we cover in Hug-a-Bug- World. I have also learned and benefited so much from my experience and the relationships I made along the way that will inform my work with Hug-a-Bug World. I also work closely with Julia to apply theory and underlying methodologies to everything we do.

Life can bring challenges

but if we continue on a journey of personal development and have a good balance of tools and skills to help us cope, we can feel more in control and happier. In turn, this can lead to a better quality of life. It is those tools we aim to give children and their parents and caregivers.

I grew up and worked in multicultural communities

I have worked with and had personal experience with children and adults with special needs, and I had some challenges myself. My diverse background drives my passion for Diversity, Inclusion, and equality.

We want to

offer parents and children support with the day to day challenges that can arise in their lives and any guidance required to get through them. 

We want to

reassure parents that many of the day-to-day difficulties that come along when raising children are normal.

We want to

create a sense of safety and security for parents and children and help them build healthy relationships.

Essentially we would like to be…

somebody that you can call on if you’re feeling a bit stuck with things.

Nature is therapeutic in itself and can reduce stress and anxiety

Raising awareness and encouraging children to care for nature is extremely important for their future, which is why it is central to Hug-a-Bug World.