Julia Keys

My role…is to bring everything together in line with the values of Hug-a-Bug World. I provide the background and the theory; I have written the music and the songs, and I co-wrote the books. I started my career… as a nurse, before training to be a counsellor and psychotherapist. I’ve always been passionate about caring […]

Stacey Wren

My role within Hug-a-Bug World… is both operational and creative.  I’ve helped to shape several different aspects of the business. I have worked for myself for many years now, and it has taught me to be diligent, to work with the right people, and know the right questions to ask, so I’ve been able to […]

Philip Rambech

I’m basically the person who… looks after the “Business of the Business”, crunching numbers and doing the storytelling to the investors – a very different type of storytelling. Striving for the holistic view of this important mission we are on, I do need to pose some difficult questions sometimes – “Is this right?”, “Is that […]

Becca James

I’m responsible for… creating the original Hug-a-Bug-World characters. I’ve known Julia for 25 years and we’ve always spoken about working on a project together. When she approached me with her idea and asked if I’d be interested in illustrating the book, I said yes straight away. I’ve always drawn and painted… I studied art at […]

Kim Skilling

A big part of my role within Hug-a-Bug World has been… developing ways to support parents and caregivers with children. I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access counselling resources and parenting information to support health and wellbeing in our society. I began my career… 30 years ago working with families for […]

Kimm Connett

If I was to sum-up my role in Hug-a-Bug World… I’d say that I’ve been the person that’s put the people together and helped build a team. I’ve been involved from day one. For about 30 years… I was the Group Sales Director of the largest pre-press group in the world. We used to create […]