Monitoring Your Childs Development

A child’s development needs to be continually monitored and developed throughout their life. Babies are assessed frequently in the first few years of their life for physical growth. When children go to school, academics can become more important. At this stage in their lives, change is frequent and their world opens up in new ways. New […]

Dealing With Challenging Behaviour

Talking about challenging behaviour is challenging to say the least. There are many different models, disciplines, theories, and reasons why some children have challenging behaviour. Counsellors, one way or another, work with behaviour in many situations. People can be unhappy about the behaviour of colleagues at work, friends, children and partners.  To deal with challenging […]

Nurturing Empathy in Your Child

The first Hug-a-Bug World book, I am Unique, is based on the affirmation that being different is cool. We all have different appearances, talents and ways in which we live our lives. At Hug-a-Bug World we identify with and accept our unique ways. Our uniqueness is to be celebrated! Empathy flows through Hug-a-Bug World to promote understanding […]

Praise to Reward

Boost your child’s confidence by praising the positive things they do to reward them. When you praise your child for the positive things they do, like helping you, demonstrating independence and problem-solving skills you will boost their confidence. When you praise their acts of kindness towards you and others, you’ll strengthen your relationship, help your child […]

Coaching Your Child Through School

Children can appear social and independent one minute, and eager to learn, and suddenly decide they don’t want to go to school anymore. Anxieties about school don’t always disappear once they’re through the door. Your child may need support to help them get to school daily or when challenges arise. It’s important to help build their […]

Building Social Skills with your Child

Nurturing your child through early bonds forms the building blocks for developing your child’s social skills. As humans and social animals, we are dependent on each other to survive. For babies, this mostly means meeting their physical needs, such as, feeding them to support their growth and caring for them to keep them safe. Nurturing babies […]

Unravelling Difficult Behaviour

There are many ways for adults to understand children’s triggers and behaviours. Whilst difficult in the moment, when you are caring for your child during an outburst or tantrum, you can reflect on the behaviour afterwards to help everyone learn. Top tips for unravelling bad behaviour: It is common to react to unwanted behaviour with […]

Encouraging Your Child to Talk

Encouraging Children’s communication When children struggle to talk, use play and activities to help them relax and create an informal and safe space for them to express themselves. Sitting your child down to discuss things may make them feel pressured. Consequently, you can gently ask questions about what they’re doing when they play gives them […]

Building Positive Bonds

When you build a heathy and nurturing relationship with your child, you deposit positive supportive energy into that relationship. Strong bonds help your child to deal with difficult life matters more easily. When they know you care about them and want the best for them, they may not respond well in the moment, but deep down […]

Talking to Children About Loss

Talking to children about serious illness or someone passing away can be very hard. As adults at these times, we can be grief-stricken ourselves or in disbelief and shock, let alone be able to explain the situations to a child. We usually want to protect children as much as we can. When you look back on […]