Fostering Resilience to Alleviate Separation Anxiety

Fostering Resilience to Alleviate Separation Anxiety We all want our children to be resilient and confident individuals. But what happens when separation anxiety is getting in the way of your little one going off on their own adventures? Whether it be nursery, school, or even a playdate, it can be difficult to see our child […]

Positive Reinforcement and Building Self-Worth

Today we are going to discuss the incredible impact that positive reinforcement has on shaping children’s behaviour and enhancing their sense of self worth. Positive reinforcement is the act of acknowledging and rewarding desired behaviours in order to encourage them to occur again in the future. The technique is not only good for implementing behaviour […]

Groovy Grandparents

Spending time with grandparents For many of us, our families are our biggest support system. When we need someone to turn to, having a variety of strong familial bonds can aid our problem solving skills and increase our happiness. For young children these bonds are even more important and the bond between a grandchild and […]

The Digital Dilemma

Encourage perseverance and boost self-esteem with this emotional well being package. It includes sensory soft toy Bella Bee and a book exploring emotions.

The Digital Dilemma A recent analysis of the NHS digital data by the charity YoungMinds has seen that urgent referrals for children to emergency mental health services have tripled since 2019. With the rise in social media and technology, now more than ever, it is important to build our children’s emotional resilience. This is so […]

World Mental Health Day 2023

Setting your child up for future success with their Mental Health! This October 10th is World Mental Health Day!  Our children’s life-long ability to tackle difficult situations and manage their mental health begins early on in childhood. In an era where mental health issues are ever prevalent, equipping your child with the best tools to recognise and overcome […]

Words really matter!

Words do really matter maybe even more than you think. Child Development | Words Matter The words you use with your child may shape them for the rest of their life particularly when they are about the child themselves. I’m sure we have all at some point said, ‘don’t be so silly’ not meaning to […]

A “Clingy” Child – Signs your child may be struggling

A conversation with Julia, Hug-a-Bug World’s founder, on this occasion discussing a common parenting challenge… ‘A Clingy Child’ … Signs your child may be struggling “It’s ‘Children’s Mental Health week’ this week. Julia, tell us how to recognise the signs a child maybe experiencing mental health issues. How a young child is feeling, is most […]

Taming Negative Thoughts

Just because you think something, doesn’t mean it’s true. When people run away with their assumptions and judgements, it can have a significant negative impact on emotions and behaviour. It all starts with a thought, that can multiply into many and turn into conclusions with little evidence to back them up. Let’s discuss finding ways […]

Building Self-Esteem in Children

Building self-esteem In children Listen to your child to understand their personality, how they view themselves, and the world around them. Build close relationships with children, to educate, guide, and help them learn new skills to cope with life. Empower them and ensure they are well informed and supported to deal with any negativity they may think, […]

Building Self-Esteem

Developing Emotional Intelligence (EI) helps to build healthy self-esteem in our children. Self-Esteem is reflected in how we see ourselves, the feelings we have towards who we are and the level of positivity we have about ourselves. These perspectives can have a significant impact on a child’s journey in life and the paths they take. Having a […]